PM Modi turns out to be the world's biggest celebrity "Time Person of the Year" winner

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the online reader's poll for the "Time Person of the Year" of America's famous magazine "Time". At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, currently US President Barack Obama, America's newly elected President Donald Trump, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Chunfing and the world's renowned veterans in 2016 Has become the most influential person.

By the way, the editors of the magazine end up selecting "Person of the Year", but Poll's results show how the world looks at it. According to the magazine, PM Modi has got a total of 18 per cent votes after the closure of the Sunday midnight, after which he is his closest competitor, which is far ahead from American President Barack Obama, President Elect Donald Trump and Julian Assange. All of them got 7 percent votes. Apart from these, Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton were far behind from Modi with just two and four per cent votes. Data for post-poll closure has been revealed and its official announcement will be on December 7.
It has also been written by the magazine that recently when Prime Minister Modi announced to close 500 rupees and 1,000 rupees, he was reviewed in a new way. The results of this poll have been analyzed by the poll host Oppressor. According to this analysis, differences between people and other parts of the world were noticeable. Indians in California and New Jersey preferred Modi very much.
It is worth mentioning that every year, the most influential people are selected in a year by Time Magazine. Any person affected by how much or how much impact has affected them within 12 months is given the person of the year's title.

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