How to Trace a Smartphone without Sim card

Find your lost smartphone in just 1 minute - How to Find lost smartphone in a minute. So friends, if your smartphone is lost or stolen, do not be disappointed, because i will tell you how you can get your phone back in a few minutes with a trick again. Google has created a feature that lets you find your phone very easily in just 1 minute. This is the way to find ...

Step 1 :
  First, open Google's home page. Sign in here with the Google Account ID, which you have registered in your Android smartphone.

Step 2 :
After this, search by typing on the Google homepage's search bar - Once you click on this link as 'Where's my phone?', A list will open in front of you where all your mobile sets will be named, in which you have logged in with this email. Now select your mobile set from this. After this a map will open in front of you

Step 3 :
In this map you will see the location of your phone shortly. Google will trace the location of your smartphone and will tell where it is. If you have come from any other place and do not remember that the phone was missed there or somewhere else, then this feature is of great work. You will see the location of the phone where it is located. So you can find him in the right place. Once you know the location, then go there and take the next step..

Let me tell you about the options of the remaining here.

If you have forgotten keeping the phone somewhere at home, it has been around somewhere, then you can ring it at full volume. Even if you have placed the phone on Silent mode, this feature will still work. Just do not end the battery. The ringing option will appear below the map.
If you feel that your phone has gone wrong, then with the help of your phone, you can lock the password.
If you want to delete all the data on your mobile then you can use it. By clicking on it, all your mobile will be deleted.

Note: All these tricks will work only if Mobile Data is ON or Connected to Your Mobile Internet.

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