How to Check Website Loading Time ?

Since Google has released this information, your site / blog page speed should be maximized for the better PageRank. Since then many people are aware of this. According to Google Page Speed, the speed of opening a web page should be at least 85-95 or better than this. Google has also introduced the speed of opening a page in different algorithms to give Page Rank to various sites. That's why your blog and site should also be optimized for this thing. In addition to this, readers coming to your site are very impatient, for them the speed of opening your blog and site matters. They do not want to return to the sites that are open because they can be done fast. is. You also like something similar. Today the success of your site also depends on the speed of the page opening. So, how and where to find out what measures you need to take on your site.

Not long ago today, there are many online tools available that can help increase your website or blog's page speed. So that your site and blogs are open immediately and visitors and visitors of your site can enjoy complete enjoyment and enjoyment on your site and blog. Various tools will show different site performance, so you have to check all the information on your site and follow the suggested steps so that maximum results can be obtained.

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10 tools to increase page speed of the blog

1. PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers

Since you and most of the people use Google search, you should first view your site and blog with Google's view. For this, Google has its own PageSpeed ​​test tool named PageSpeed ​​Insights. You should use it and try to perforamance your site in the middle of 85-95. This PageSpeed ​​Check tool can also be installed on your browser as a plugin and extensions.

2. GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization

This tool is my first choice after Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. Its best part is that two pages of Page Speed ​​features the results of both Google Page Speed ​​and Yahoo! YSLOW (PageSpeed ​​insights and Yahoo! Yslow). Along with this, you also suggest work tips to improve the quality of your site. According to the status of page speed server, there may be a little bit more, but you can compare your site with more than one site at a time.
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3. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is also a very useful tool that allows you to test the opening speed of your blog and can find out that due to any photo, image, script or any other page element, speed of your blog Getting Slow
4. WebPagetest – Website Performance and Optimization Test
5. Web Page Analyzer – free website optimization tool website speed test check website performance report from web site optimization
6. DareBoost
7. Load Impact – On Demand Website Load Testing and Performance Testing Service
8. OctaGate SiteTimer
9. Show Slow
10. – Know all about your site performance

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